Magnet Program



Designated as an Excelling Magnet Program for three years, Kester Magnet is designed to help gifted and high ability students reach their highest potential. We provide enrichment throughout all areas of our academically challenging curriculum, encouraging the development of critical thinking and alternative problem solving skills. Kester Avenue/Kester Magnet was also named a California Distinguished School in 2008 and 2014.The evolution of education is a fascinating subject. Kester Magnet has always looked for new and exciting ways to encourage our gifted and high ability learners, retaining successful strategies and innovating with new methods as we meet the needs of our students. In the future, our teachers will continue the quest to present our students with the highest quality education, integrating new technology and methods to help them face the challenges of the 21st century.Kester Magnet is here to provide gifted and high achieving students with tools needed to pursue their academic goals in a welcoming environment. We present subjects in deep and complex ways, allowing our students the opportunity to work at an accelerated pace and in a thought-provoking manner. We celebrate the diversity in our classrooms and the perspectives that diversity brings to our educational environment.


At Kester Magnet, we believe elementary gifted and high achieving students should be exposed to all academic and career pathways. We present a balanced curriculum in math and science as well as language arts and social science. Visual and performing arts and physical education are also presented equally. We believe our students need exposure to all avenues available so they may choose an appropriate pathway for their interests as they approach secondary school.

Our strongest partners are our parents. We view education as a triangle, with the child at the top vertex and parents and teachers as the bottom vertices. Each is needed to ensure a complete and positive education experience. To achieve this balance, we depend on our partnership with parents for support and encouragement both in volunteer hours and fundraising, done in conjunction with the Kester Avenue PTA and the Kester Avenue Magnet Parents’ Association.


Where is Kester Magnet? Kester Magnet is located in Sherman Oaks approximately 2 blocks east of Sepulveda Blvd. and 2 blocks south of Burbank Blvd. The 405 (San Diego) and 101 (Ventura) Freeways are in close proximity to the school.

What is the educational focus of the Kester Magnet staff? The Kester Magnet Staff works together as a team, planning curriculum and activities appropriate to the students’ needs, interests, and abilities. The teachers keep abreast of new research, instructional strategies and curriculum development by attending training sessions regarding gifted/high ability learners. Our magnet teachers demonstrate willingness and an enthusiasm for teaching, which prepares our students to be leaders of the 21st Century.

What about transportation? Every effort will be made to provide transportation for students selected for the magnet. The District will attempt to provide convenient pick-up and drop-off points with reasonable travel time. No transportation will be provided if students live within a three-mile radius of Kester Magnet.

How many classes does Kester Magnet have? Kester Magnet has 256 students in 9 classrooms in grades 1-5. There is one first grade class, and two each of second, third, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms.

How can I get more information about the school? To learn more about the program at Kester Magnet, please call (818) 787-6751 and we will be happy to answer your questions.


From Students:

“I feel I am fortunate to be at this school. We do a lot of fun things and challenging things.”

“I learn things more rapidly than before.”

“The magnet school makes me feel special.”

“I like my school because we have great teachers who really care about the students.”

“I like the way my teacher makes learning fun!”

From Parents:

“I am very pleased with the level of achievement my child has attained in the magnet program.I feel very fortunate to have him in this school.”

“Kester Magnet offers my son a more advanced education and provides many activities for the students.”

“I am very happy with the magnet program. My daughter is in first grade and she is learning a lot thanks to her wonderful and caring teacher."


Marie Wheelock (1st) Allison Goodwin Marlo Wong (2nd) Dona Baba Irene Dorsey (3rd) Frozan Arsalan Rhoda Ekmekji (4th) Jennifer Harmon Shelia Elston (5th)


Victoria Christie– Principal

Nancy Jacobs– Magnet Coordinator

Jennifer Di Lorenzo– Categorical Coordinator

Magnet Video

Learn more about why Kester's Magnet Program is special.