What is it?

The Spell-a-Thon is the PTA's second largest fundraiser, held every year, to raise funds to pay for P.E. for all Kester students.

How can I donate?

Use the pledge form sent home to collect pledges or collect pledges online. Collect flat donations online today below!

How does it work?

Students are given a set of special spelling words appropriate for each grade level.  They ask family, friends, neighbors to sponsor them in the Spell-a-Thon.  Students can get flat pledges or per word pledges.  

Why do it?

The district no longer funds the position of a P.E. coach for schools like Kester so it is only through the generous donations of our community that the PTA is able to pay for P.E. with the YMCA every year.

How much do I have to donate?

There is no set donation amount.  We ask that every student try and bring in at least one pledge.  Pledges can be anywhere from $.25 per word to $10.00 per word to a flat pledge of $100.00.  Participation is voluntary and we only ask that you do what you are able to do comfortably.

How much does P.E. cost?

The P.E. program provided by the YMCA costs over $35,000 for the year.  Last year, the Spell-a-Thon raised over $29,000, just shy of what we needed to pay for all of P.E.

Online Donation Collection Instructions

If you are submitting a donation online, please make sure to fill out your e-mail and student name in the section below the Donation to ensure that your student gets credit for your donation.

Spell-a-thon Online Donation