First Day of School in a New School Year

Students should be on campus by 7:50 a.m. School starts at 8 a.m.

New students, TK and kindergarteners should report to the cafeteria area for their classroom assignments. Rosters will be posted with classroom assignments. TK and kindergarten students will then meet their teachers in the auditorium where they will be escorted to class.

Returning students, grades 1 through 5, must locate their classroom assignments on rosters posted on the school fence on the playground. Once located, students should line up in the yard at their classroom numbers where their teachers will meet to escort them to their new classrooms. 

Magnet school students should look for rosters posted near magnet classrooms 16, 17, 18 for classroom assignments. 

All class assignments are tentative for the first few weeks of school.

Transitional Kindergarten is available for children born between September 1 and December 2. This two-year program focuses on kindergarten readiness in the first year with a transition to traditional kindergarten in the second.

For more information please call the front office at 818-787-6751