Parents can pre-purchase lunches at the cafeteria every morning from 7:30-8:00. Deposits can be made for future lunches in any amount. Students can deliver payments to the cafeteria in an envelope that is clearly marked with child’s name and room number.

Payments can also be made online with your student's cafeteria account at My Payments Plus.

When entering the cafeteria, students give staff their name to record their participation in the lunch program for the day.

Regular price: $3.00

Reduced price: $0.40

Qualified students: FREE

The district lunch application is sent to student residences before the school year begins and is available online here:

It is imperative that ALL students submit a lunch application to continue Kester's Title I funding. Even if you do not qualify for free or reduced cost lunches, it is important that every family return the application on time so our large student population is recorded.

Breakfast In the Classroom

Kester Avenue Elementary participates in LAUSD’s Breakfast In the Classroom (“BIC”) program. 

All students will be offered a free breakfast in their classrooms every day after the last morning bell. Breakfast lasts approximately 20 minutes. Students who arrive after this time period will not have an opportunity to eat in the classroom.

Students are always free to decline breakfast.

View monthly menu online via the Kester E-Backpack or on the LAUSD site (Kester is an NCC school)