The Kester PTA provides our students and staff with many “extra” opportunities no longer provided by LAUSD, such as PE and art classes, a Science Lab with a full-time Teacher’s Assistant, an extra day of school nurse and a nurse’s aide and field trips for all classes at all grade levels.

Of course, these “extras” are not free, so the PTA conducts many fundraisers throughout the year. You are not obligated to participate in any fundraiser, but if every Kester family participated in at least one or two fundraisers each year, we could easily meet our fundraising goals!

Annual Support Fund & PTA Membership Drive

Movie Nights (Fall and Spring)

Otis Spunkmeyer and Popcornopolis Fundraiser

Rockin’ for Kester

Restaurant Nights

World’s Finest Chocolate


Coin Drive


Easy Ways to Earn

There are also many easy ways to earn money for Kester throughout the year, such as shopping at through the Kester web site, signing up with the Ralphs Community Contributions Program, and turning in Box Tops for Education. Click here for more information and opportunities.

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