Do your Amazon shopping through Kester

How it works: We’re very excited to introduce another new (painless!) way to earn money for Kester. When you shop at Amazon click through via our website (click on banner on the righthand side of the home page) and we will earn a percentage of all purchases made, even on Amazon Instant Video rentals and MP3 downloads. If everyone remembers to use the Kester link—and even asks friends and family to use Amazon through our site—this can be a great earner for us. Money you are already spending can bring funds to our school!

Register your Ralphs Rewards card

How it works: Register your Ralphs grocery card online (you must register again every year). Go to Community Rewards and use our I.D. number (91155) to find Kester. Once you’re registered, a percentage of everything you spend at Ralphs will go directly to our school—this can add up to thousands of dollars over the course of the year for Kester. It’s free and it only takes a few minutes. If you have difficulty signing up, you can call Ralph’s customer service at 800-443-4438.

Save Box Tops

How it works: Check your grocery and bathroom products for BoxTops for Education labels; clip them; bundle them with your child’s room number; and turn them into the office. Our school gets free money and resources depending how many are collected. Also, if you register on the Box Top web site you can earn bonuses for Kester playing fun games! Once registered, scroll to the green “earn” tab at the top of the page and click on Bonus Box Tops. For more on how you can earn bonus Box Tops and enter in raffles see our Box Tops and Labels page.

Register your shopper card to earn Bonus Box Tops

How it works: Register your Ralph’s reward card at and earn bonus BoxTops for our school! If you shop at Albertson’s you will want to register at Shop at Safeway, Von’s, or Pavillions? Take a moment to register with their new bonus Box Tops program at You will have an opportunity to load your shopper card online with exclusive bonus Box Tops offers by your store! Your purchase of qualifying products earns bonus BoxTops that are sent directly to Kester. These will be in addition to the BoxTops you can clip from the products you purchased! Enter the school zip code (91411) to locate Kester on the list.

Register at

Campbell's Labels for Education– Clip and Earn FREE STUFF For Your SchoolSign-up online at and every time you purchase a Labels for Education participating product using your Shopper Card from participating retailers you automatically earn 1 point our school. Participating retailers include Ralph’s, Albertson’s, Safeway, Von’s, Pavillions, and many more. You can still clip and redeem UPCs from your purchased products to earn even more points for your school! (Just send in your Labels for Education with your Box Tops—or drop in “Labels for Education” box in front office.)

Register with eScrip

How it works: Register with eScrip by logging on to the site and entering Kester’s I.D. number: 141277222. When you shop at eScrip merchant stores and use your eScrip registered cards a percentage of purchases will be automatically contributed to our school. You can also register your debit and credit cards to earn eScrip contributions for all purchases from companies that have signed on with eScrip. If you shop at any Vons/Pavilions/Safeway stores, these are among the participating companies.

Use your Target REDcard

How it works: Apply for a Target REDcard (if you don’t have one already), designate Kester Avenue Elementary under Target’s “Take Charge of Education” program, and a percentage of everything you spend at Target will go toward our school. Apply for a card and enroll online, or call 800-316-6142 to enroll by phone.

Turn in Coca-Cola codes

Kester can get points by redeeming codes found on participating Coca-Cola products, which include Dasani water, Minute Maid, Sprite, Barq’s, and many others. You can either enter the codes by finding our school online at, or turn in the codes to the office (drop into the “Coke Codes” box), and our coordinator can enter them directly for the school. Codes are found inside the bottle caps on individual or 2-liter bottles, or on the cardboard packaging of 12- or 24-packs of cans. Points can be redeemed for school supplies, art supplies, P.E. equipment, and other items for our school.

Join the PTA

How it works: Be sure to join during the membership drive in the beginning of the year. Talk other family members into joining if you can.

Buy Kester spirit-wear

How it works: Shop in the Cougar store for Kester spirit-wear for sale online, or fill out a form at the front office and order tshirts and other items for your children.

Turn in your Westfield Mall receipts

How it works: Save your receipts from Westfield Mall in Sherman Oaks for Kester Elementary! Beginning November 1, show your receipts at the Concierge Desk and give our school name, and school points will be added. Or drop into the “WestField Mall” box in our front office.

Bring in your used ink cartridges

How it works: Drop your used name-brand ink cartridges in the box in the main office.

Buy pizza and popsicles after school

How it works: On Mondays after school, pizza slices are sold for $1.00 and juice boxes for $0.50. On Fridays at 2:30pm students may purchase a popsicle for $1.00 or a snow cone or bomb pop for $1.25. Proceeds go to the PTA.

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