Kester Avenue/Kester Magnet Elementary School

Welcome to the homepage for Kester Avenue/Kester Magnet, a California Distinguished School! This web site is run by the Kester PTA, which is proud to support our school. If you have questions for the school administration, please visit this page for contact information.

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Congratulations! Kester has been named a 2014 California Distinguished School!


We hope everyone has a great, relaxing and fun summer. The PTA and Kester administration, teachers and staff would like to thank all families for their support this entire school year. We look forward to seeing everyone on August 16, 2016 for the first day of school.


We hope you can join the KesterPops and the PTA as we get our campus ready for the first day of school. Join us on Saturday, August 6th, beginning at 9:00 a.m. for KesterPrep, our annual preparation day where parents, students and teachers come to Kester to help clean up the campus after a long, dry summer. What needs to be done? Sweep leaves, clean benches, water and tend to our planter boxes and power wash the kinder yard, kinder lunch area and cafeteria. We need all hands on deck. The PTA will provide refreshments and lunch. Sign up for the newsletter to get more information as the date approaches.

Kinder Meet and Greet is August 12, 2016

Do you have a little one starting kindergarten in August? We hope you can join us on August 12, 2016, beginning at 9:00 a.m. for our Kinder Meet and Greet. Come meet your fellow kindergarten parents and their children and meet our team of kindergarten superhero teachers. The theme of this year’s Kinder Meet and Greet is Superhero Fun so make sure your kindergartener comes dressed in their favorite superhero t-shirt to do some fun activities with our teachers. We hope to see you there!!

Sign Up for Ralph’s Community Contributions!!

Do you shop at Ralph’s?  Are you a Ralph’s Rewards club member?  Sign up now for Ralph’s Community Contributions so that a portion of your purchases can go to Kester.  Each year, Ralph’s donates thousands of dollars to the PTA to help fund our various activities.  The more families we have sign up, the more money Kester receives.  Simply click on the link below to download the flyer, take it to Ralph’s and have a sales member scan it when you check out.  It’s that easy.  Give the flyer to friends and family as well.  Even if you signed up last year, you must do it again now to have your purchases count.  The PTA does not receive any personal information from Ralph’s just money so sign up now and get free money for Kester. Ralphs 2015-16